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Brass Playing: Mechanism and Technic By Fay Hanson


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Fay Hanson is considered to be one of the leading authorities on brass instruments in the history of our instrument. She began her teaching career at age 14, under the expert guidance of her teachers, Hyrum Lammers, and the eminent Herbert L. Clarke. Hanson’s book on Brass Playing has been one of the most requested books in the history of qPress, and having it in the catalogue is such a treat for players of all levels and styles.

Fay writes in her forward: “A person pursuing the art of playing cornet or trumpet must be cogniznat of the fact that certain techniques, physical controls, and mental concepts must be mastered before he can expect to satisfy his desire or develop his ability to participate in· the making of music.”

“Playing incorrectly can result in so many disappointments and frustrations, that many players with excellent potential discontinue playing because of lack of ability to make the instrument conform to their musical ambitions, concepts and goals. Some players, who aspire to play professionally, find they fail to achieve sufficient consistency and proficiency to enable them to do so.”

“One of the most impressive statements my teacher, with whom I was studying while in high school, made to me was, “Remember how easy it is to play right and how difficult it is to play wrong.” This great teacher was Herbert L. Clarke. The longer I play and teach, the more aware I am of the truth of his words.”

This book takes players and teachers through all areas of playing including Tone, Articulation, Lip Slurring, Embouchure Formation, The Mouthpiece, Correct Breating, Intonation, Fingering, Endurance, Instrument Selection, and Building High Range. It is without a doubt that this book should be in the library of every player in the world, right along side their Arban method.

To the left you can find some samples from this 100+ page book. Above, you can purchase an immediate digital download.

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