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6 Quartets for French Horn By J.S. Bach


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When one hears the term “tempered system”, we often think of Johann Sebastian Bach as the inventor. That is not true. Some theorists were working on the division of the octave into twelve equal parts prior to Bach. He believed in the new system so much that around 1722 he started to compose a volume of works which utilized it. He completed a second volume around 1744.

Each composition consisted of a prelude followed by a fugue. Most fugues were written in three or four voices. Obviously I chose six four voice fugues for this collection and transcribed them for a French Horn Quartet.

J. S. Bach was a very religious man, who expressed his deep religious feelings through his celestial music. These pieces of music have a divine quality that will be the essential basis on which the musical formation of a young person must be founded. Each part taken by itself brings tremendous pleasure to the performer. When performed by four players, one can enjoy hearing the theme played by different players in different ranges, keys and rhythms, creating a phenomenal musical experience for both performer and listener alike.

Check out the samples of Fugue #5 provided to the left, as well as the complete table fo contents. Click above for a complete PDF download.

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