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15 Drone Scapes (Play-Along) By Erik Veldkamp


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A trumpet player can craft a captivating soundscape in practice by incorporating a drone and a rhythm section. Setting a sustained drone pitch establishes a harmonic foundation, allowing the player to experiment with melodic variations and improvisation. This enhances tonal exploration, encouraging the trumpeter to weave intricate phrases and develop a heightened sense of musical expression. The drone’s continuous presence fosters creativity, enabling the player to experiment with different scales, modes, and dynamics within a structured harmonic context. This practice technique not only refines technical skills but also cultivates a rich, immersive sonic environment that stimulates musical imagination and fosters a deeper connection with the instrument.

This is exactly what Erik Veldkamp was thinking of when he created “Drone Scapes,” the latest installment of his Drone Studies Series.  These are modern FLOW, FLEX, RANGE, & ENDURANCE studies, set down in a way you have never heard before. The drone helps with establishing the pitch center, the driving rhythmic beat in the play-alongs helps with breathing and starting the notes in time, very similar to the approach of the Caruso method. Throw in the captivating melodies and long tones and you have everything you need for a balanced practice session.

You can listen to the sample pages for free below, then click above for an immediate digital download.

Your download includes:

  1. 15 Drone Scapes Book
  2. MP3 Drone & Rhythm Play-Alongs
  3. MP3 Demos of Each Study

Listen to Erik Perform Drone Scape 2

Listen to Erik Perform Drone Scape 7

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