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Your Library. Anywhere.

We Really do Mean Anywhere!

Name any major book retailer. Amazon. Apple. Barnes & Noble. They are massive companies, selling billions of dollars worth of books to customers all over the world. Why in the world would someone create a small niche bookstore in a market with such huge players already established? The reason is choice. And I don’t just mean the choice for customers to shop where they choose. I mean the choice to do whatever they want with their own music. Sheet Music is a completely different animal than novels and non-fiction, and the rights restrictions put on by the biggest companies put a stranglehold on the most basic actions you take with your traditional print music. For instance, buying a piece for brass quintet and distributing the 5 parts to your ensemble. They won’t allow that. Buying a solo and giving the piano score to your accompanist. They will not allow that either. Grabbing some unaccompanied trumpet music and printing off a copy for performance where a glowing screen is inappropriate. That is definitely not permitted. This is why the selection of sheet music from these companies is paltry; Who would buy it if we can’t use it like we need to?

How Can I use My qPress Purchases?

We ask that you use your qPress purchases exactly how you need to in order to make great music, expand your skill set, and connect with audiences. If that means printing a copy, please do. If it means giving a copy of a piano score to your accompanist, please do. Want to keep your entire library on your iPad for travel and your computer for home use? Please do. The point of qPress is to help you find great new music, improve, and share music with others, it is that simple.

What You Can Do To Help

Customers are extremely powerful, even if they don’t know it. Every day you are voting with your wallet. When you purchase something, that is a vote for that company to stay alive another day to bring you a new great product tomorrow. The best way for you to help qPress keep bringing you new music and modern editions of classic texts is to vote for us with your dollars and your (common)sense; Buy copies for yourself and have your friends do the same. If you give away an emerging composer’s new music, they will produce less and less, and that is never a good thing. Buy your editions here and use them anyway you please, then spread the word and help us bring you the next great thing tomorrow.

I think you will love what we have in store for you (pun definitely intended), so check back often to find a new classic waiting for you to vote on.


Timothy Quinlan, Founder | qPress

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