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Your Daily Hexatonics By Erik Veldkamp


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As Professor of Trumpet Technique at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and member of the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Erik Veldkamp has learned first hand what works for players at levels to establish a strong daily routine that covers all areas of playing. This new series of “Your Daily” studies takes you on a tour of all aspects of trumpet technique with an innovative and interesting approach.

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Your Daily Hexatonics is a 89-page book of creative Hexatonic Scale Studies that helps you increase your fluency in these oft used shapes and patterns. A hexatonic scale is a scale with six pitches or notes per octave. Famous examples include the whole tone scale, the augmented scale, the Prometheus scale, and the blues scale. A hexatonic scale can also be formed by stacking perfect fifths. This results in a diatonic scale with one note removed.

This elegantly organized Daily Hexatonic Studies book takes you through 30 whole tone scales and patterns, 25 augmented scales and patterns, 8 blues scales and patterns, and 6 tritone scales and patterns. By switch between meters, patterns, shapes, articulations, and styles, Erik gives you a perfect Hexatonic daily exercise set that you can drop right into your daily routine of practice.

To the left you can check out some samples, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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