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Your Daily Double Tongue By Erik Veldkamp


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As Professor of Trumpet Technique at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and member of the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Erik Veldkamp has learned first hand what works for players at levels to establish a strong daily routine that covers all areas of playing. This new series of “Your Daily” studies take you on a tour of all aspects of trumpet technique with an innovative and interesting approach.

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“Your Daily Double Tongue” is not just a series of dry rhythmic patterns that you blindly play with the metronome on before moving on to other things. This book is as creative and energetic as you expect from Erik, with lots of twists along the way. After beginning with endurance patterns and scalewise articulation studies to get your fingers and tongue coordinated, you will move onto a set of articulation etudes that will challenge your fingers, ear, and endurance as much as your double tongue.

Once you have passed the first hurdle, it is on to skillfully adapted works by Arban, Collinet, Alphonse, Paganini, Dinicu, Stravinsky, Rachmaninov, Sarasate, Bach, Krutzer, Kayser, and more. Once you are effortlessly playing “Zigeunerweisen,” “Hora Staccato,” “Moto Perpetuo,” and Bach “Partitas,” that is when you know your double tonguing game is on point.

Don’t miss a chance to improve little by little every day. You will be amazed at the progress you can make. Click to the left for some samples, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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