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Yale Brass Trio Collection By Allan Dean


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Allan Dean, Trumpet Professor at the Yale University School of Music, is a titan of the brass world. Over the last few years, Dean has been hard at work resurrecting beautiful European 14th, 15th, and 16th-century music, and arranging beautiful pieces for Brass Trio.

Although flush with nuance and requiring high levels of musicality, these trios are generally very technically accessible. As expected from someone like Allan, all three parts are idiomatically written for Trumpet, Trombone, and Horn, and are simply a joy to play. Each compilation comes with mp3 recordings of the epic Yale Brass Trio (Allan Dean, Scott Hartman, and William Purvis) so you can take stylistic notes from the best in the business. 

Get the whole set, along with the brand new 16th Century Italian Brass Duos and Trios, for an incredible deal. Act fast; this 45% off deal won’t last forever.

Click through the samples to the left, read through the write-ups provided below, and then click above for immediate PDF downloads of the entire bundle.

Books Included

  1. Dean, Italian Brass Trios (With Audio)
  2. Dean, Music of Heinrich Isaac (With Audio)
  3. Dean, Music from the Glogaur Liederbuch (With Audio)
  4. Dean, Music of Guillaume Dufay for Brass (With Audio)
  5. Dean, 16th Century Italian Brass Duos & Trios (With Audio)

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