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Woody Shaw Jazz Solos
Woody Shaw Jazz Solos
Woody Shaw Jazz Solos
Woody Shaw Jazz Solos
Woody Shaw Jazz Solos
Woody Shaw Jazz Solos
Woody Shaw Jazz Solos

Woody Shaw Jazz Solos By Woody Shaw


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You will find herein 15 of Woody Shaw’s highly personal solos representing impeccable performances from Katrina Ballerina in the Moontrane Lp to Rosewood and on to Woody III. All are transcribed from the recordings with chord changes for trumpet and concert key as well as all of Woody’s articulations.

Trumpeter, composer, arranger, and band leader Woody Shaw is truly an eclectic original. “I consider myself from the straight-ahead school of jazz,” says Woody, and if you’ve heard him in action you know what he’s talking about. No screaming notes, no pyrotechnics, just pure action jazz. “I’m able to handle any kind of music,” he says, “but I think when jazz stops swinging, it’s not jazz.”

Shaw has demonstrated the ability to fit right in with the giants of every shade of the musical spectrum. The sound is his own, deeply personal, with a biting attack and an extraordinary gentle strength. The almost-bittersweet edge to his lyrical sound leaves listeners exceptionally moved.

Learn from the best with these transcriptions, and play them with your friends. You can check some samples to the left, the song list below, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Song List

  1. In A Capricornian Way
  2. In Case You Haven’t Heard
  3. Katrina Ballerina
  4. Little Red’s Fantasy
  5. The Organ Grinder
  6. Rahsaan’s Run
  7. Rosewood
  8. Stepping Stone
  9. Theme For Maxine
  10. To Kill A Brick
  11. Tomorrow’s Destiny
  12. Woody I: On The New Ark
  13. Woody I: Other Paths
  14. Woody Ill: New Offerings

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