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Wagner’s Orchestra Studies 1 & 2 By A Wagner


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Richard Wagner’s music is important to the history of the modern trumpet. It played a significant role in the development of the orchestral trumpet section. Wagner was a composer who wrote extensively for brass instruments, including the trumpet. He was known for creating grand, operatic works that required large, powerful orchestras.

One of the most notable pieces of music by Wagner that features the trumpet is his opera “Die Walküre,” specifically the “Ride of the Valkyries.” This piece is famous for its use of a massive brass section, including multiple trumpets, to create a powerful and triumphant sound. The opening trumpet fanfare has become one of the most iconic trumpet parts in all of classical music.

Wagner’s use of the trumpet in his works influenced the way that composers approached the trumpet in orchestral music for decades to come. Prior to Wagner, the trumpet was often used in a more limited capacity, primarily as a solo instrument or to provide fanfares or military-style music. Wagner’s use of the trumpet in a large orchestral setting demonstrated the full potential of the instrument and inspired other composers to experiment with new ways of using the trumpet in their music.

Richard Wagner’s music played a significant role in the development of the orchestral trumpet section and helped to establish the trumpet as a versatile and powerful instrument in classical music. This collection of his most notable excerpts is presented here as two volumes for one low price. Below you can find the full table of contents and to the left you can find some representative samples. When you are ready, click above to grab an immediate PDF download.

Table of Contents

Volume 1

1. Rienzi
2. Flying Dutchman
3. Tannhauser
4. Lohengrin
5. Tristan and Isolda
6. The Mastersingers
7. Parsifal

Volume 2

8. The Rhine gold
9. The Valkyrie
10. Siegfried
11. The Twilight of the Gods

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