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Veldkamp Play-Along Bundle No.2 By Erik Veldkamp


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Erik Veldkamp’s Play-Along books are the staples of the qPress catalogue. There are books written for players at all levels and in all styles, and they have quickly become not only some of our most popular books, but some of the most widely loved play-alongs in the entire trumpet publishing industry.

You are viewing set two of Erik’s Complete Play-Along books for trumpet. This set includes his complete play-along series “In All Styles” as well as both of his most popular “Play The Lead!” series. With this collection, not only are getting all of these books and albums for pennies on the dollar, you are outfitting your library with material at the widest possible range of both ability levels and styles.

To the left you will see the cover of each book included, and below you will see the full list as well as some sample recordings. This 54% OFF purchase gets you every book, plus all recordings of both the play alongs and demos recorded by Erik himself.

Included Play-Along Books

  1. Veldkamp, Play The Lead! Set 1
  2. Veldkamp, Play The Lead! Set 2
  3. Veldkamp, 20 Play-Alongs In All Styles Level 1 (Beginner)
  4. Veldkamp, 30 Play-Alongs In All Styles Level 2 (Beginner)
  5. Veldkamp, 32 Play-Alongs In All Styles Level 3 (Intermediate)
  6. Veldkamp, 18 Play-Alongs In All Styles Level 4 (Intermediate)
  7. Veldkamp, 12 Play-Alongs In All Styles Level 5 (Advanced)

Listen to “Rhythm Changes Everything”

Listen to “Blue Monk”

Listen to “Gospel Madness”

Listen to “Bubble Gum”

Listen to “Cool Mama”

Listen to “Good Morning”

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