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Una Mas (Complete Album Transcription) By Kenny Dorham


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When one thinks of great talent scouts in jazz, the name of Kenny Dorham is often overlooked. However, many top young players benefited from playing in his groups, and for proof one need look no further than the lineup on this 1963 set: tenor-saxophonist Joe Henderson, bassist Butch Warren, and (before either player joined Miles Davis) pianist Herbie Hancock and drummer Tony Williams. Together the quintet performs three of the trumpeter’s originals (“Una Mas” is the most famous) along with the standard ballad “If Ever I Would Leave You.” The explorative yet swinging music lives up to its potential.

This book is a complete album, note-for-note transcription by Stuart McLean-Fowler, and it gives you a chance to listen to a truly classic album while playing along with an absolute legend.

Click to the left for samples, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Track List

  1. Una Mas [One More Time]
  2. Straight Ahead
  3. Sao Paolo
  4. If Ever I Would Leave You

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