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Ultra-Trumpet Technic Cycles By Bill Knevitt


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Trumpet technic means that you know your instrument. Some would simply refer to a player who can execute rapid passages of music as one who possesses a good amount of technic. Others would be more specific and say that good trumpet technic involves finger, tongue, lip, and wind coordination. All of this is true, of course. But for the sake of this book, trumpet technic just means that you know your instrument, and this goes a lot further than fingering and tonguing.

This book will take you through the 5 levels of knowing your instrument, from a basic understanding of how to execute passages on the trumpet, all the way to the deepest level of knowledge, where you can mentally hear a piece of music and instantly play it on the horn.

This huge book takes you through scales, chords, intervals and chromatics in a systematic way to deeply ingrain them into your subconscious and take your playing to a new level.

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