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Ultimate Embouchure Collection By Various Authors


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This powerhouse collection creates a complete and comprehensive guide to embouchure development. While developing trumpet players, serious hobbyists, and professionals alike would enjoy and benefit from the wisdom contained in these volumes, teachers will possibly find the most value by having this wealth of information at their fingertips. Embouchure theory, concepts, and training can’t be ignored as part of a holistic approach to brass pedagogy, and this collection serves up the best that qPress has to offer.

Players will recognize titles like Clarke’s “Setting Up Drills” and the Stevens-Costello “Embouchure Training & Self Analysis”. Only by approaching embouchure development from as many sources as possible can we expect to achieve balance and success. There are no “life-hacks” to a solid embouchure! This huge bundle is being offered at an equally huge discount of 50%, but the deal won’t last long.

Click through the samples to the left, read through the write-ups provided below, and then click above for immediate PDF downloads of the entire bundle.

Books Included:

  1. Clarke, Setting Up Drills
  2. Gollehon, Embouchure Update (A Clinical Text Reference)
  3. Harris, Embouchure Strengthening Studies
  4. Colin, Corners
  5. Young, Embouchure Enlightenment
  6. Bodet, Embouchure Technique
  7. Knevitt, Building a Strong and Flexible Embouchure (with MP3s)
  8. Adams, Super Power Embouchure
  9. Ponzo, Set-Up Drills & Patterns for Embouchure Development
  10. Ponzo, Embouchure Stabilization Patterns
  11. Stevens-Costello, Embouchure Trouble & Self Analysis
  12. Zauder, Embouchure & Technique Studies
  13. Goldman, Daily Embouchure Studies
  14. D’Ath, Cornet Playing (No Pressure System)

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