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Tutor for the Cornet By Hermann Koenig



From the editor, John Laverty: Hermann Koenig was perhaps the first solo cornetist who was indeed an international star. Born in Germany, he became well-known in London as a featured soloist in Louis Jullien’s famous Drury Lane Orchestra in the 1840s. His travels took him to America in 1853 with Jullien in the very first major tour of a European orchestra in the New World. He was also a successful composer and publisher, music educator, and he helped design and market a cornet, what is known today as the Koenig Cornet.

Koenig’s Tutor for Cornet a-Pistons Part 1 is a concise explanation of cornet pedagogy as it was understood and taught in the mid-1800s. The original year of publication is not known but was probably sometime in the late 1840s or early 1850s. The Tutor is well structured and systematically organized. It covers many topics beginning with music reading and includes tone production, breathing, articulation, range, lip slurs, and endurance. It also provides ample opportunities for a student to develop a strategy for practicing in a manner that meets the needs of a particular individual.

Towards the end of the Tutor Koenig includes several short works: marches, waltzes, and opera excerpts, again using no valves. To complete this published edition, I include cornet and trumpet parts from several Koenig and Jullien works. Included in this section is Koenig’s most famous work, the Post Horn Glop, a novelty piece still performed today. Also included is the duet premiered by Jullien’s Orchestra which featured Koenig along with a young unknown French cornetist named Jean-Baptiste Arban, the Echo du Mont Blanc Polka.

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