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The Truth About How To Play Double High C on Trumpet By Bill Knevitt


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“It is generally believed that high tones are more difficult to produce than the ones of the middle register. This is not altogether true. If one has trained properly and has cultivated the correct method of production, one tone is virtually as easy to produce as another.” Bill Knevitt quoting Ernest S. Williams.

This book is destined to become known as the most authoritative ever written on the subject, because it contains the four necessary ingredients to playing double high C on trumpet. Already selling worldwide, it is turning players around who were ready to quit! Entertaining and easy to read, every page is jam-packed with vital information you will need to help you play easily in the trumpet’s upper register.

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1 review for The Truth About How To Play Double High C on Trumpet

  1. martinorgill (verified owner)

    These days there are so many books out there it can be quite a challenge to find what you need. The classics like Arban and Clarke are excellent and more modern approaches stand on the shoulders of these giants. Having said that things have moved on. I have been playing and teaching for over 50 years and in that relatively short time the profession has changed beyond recognition. I found the words of Bill Knevitt to be pure gold. He not only guides the reader but also displaces many myths. I only wish he was still alive so I could write to him to thank him personally. I highly recommend this. Will buying this help you play higher notes? Absolutely not! but if you have a high dedication, will power and belief then with this it is possible.

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