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“Trumpets” (181 New Studies) By Mel Broiles


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qPress is extremely proud to present this huge posthumous release of all new material from the great Mel Broiles. At over 180 pages of brand new study material, this is not only our largest posthumous release, it now stands as Mel Broiles’ longest and most in-depth book in his entire catalogue.

This book includes 150 Studies for Bb Trumpet, followed by 32 Studies for Trumpet in D. Don’t have a D trumpet? Don’t worry! Every single one of them is playable on Bb trumpet as well. In fact, all of these studies are meant to be played on any trumpet, transposed or as written, just as Mel would have done during his time at the Met Opera. Become fluent on all of the trumpets in your arsenal, so you are equipped for any possible situation in the professional world.

To the left you will find a bunch of free samples to try, and below you can read the press release from Mel’s estate. As always, click above for an immediate digital download or print edition (or both).

From Mel Broiles’ Estate

Mel Broiles began playing the trumpet in 2nd grade.

By the time Mel was hired as Principal Trumpet for the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York City, trumpet students rushed to book lessons with Mel. Eventually, students from all over the world booked lessons with Mel, and he wrote out his very own etudes for students to use in their private practice.

In the 1960s, Mel decided to make these etudes available to all students and published them in several different collections. Many of these works are still in circulation today, as they are well known for inspiring the trumpet student to explore their musical abilities and expand their individual trumpet technique to new levels.

Mel continued composing pieces for brass instruments, publishing throughout his 43-year professional career, and he never slowed down. When he decided to retire from the Met in July 2001, his wish was to write a few more etude books, as music was in his soul and its fire was inextinguishable. He focused on writing a large volume at his home near Lincoln Center, between July 2001 and July 2002. Unfortunately, Mel became ill in July 2002, and passed away in August 2003, before he could reveal where this manuscript was filed in his vast personal collection of handwritten work.

This new volume, TRUMPETS, was discovered in a large bag with 3 other pieces in the back of his closet at home. Based on an analysis of the pages, authenticating his handwriting, as well as personal notes found in the volume, this was the volume Mel Broiles had in mind.

We are happy to release this volume today, according to his wishes. This September release coincides with what would have been his 91st birthday, and we are very proud to celebrate it with TRUMPETS.

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