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Trumpet & The Language of Music (1-5 Complete) By Ralph Allan Schwartz


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Trumpet and the Language of Music is a highly structured, five-chapter method with a consistent, physical approach. It promotes free blowing and creates a clear intellectual understanding of the language of music. With its complete and unified approach to playing the trumpet, this method will guide the player to a full three-octave range within a musical context. Trumpet and the Language of Music will develop your capacity to play in all keys to improve your transposition skills. Beautiful tone production and clean articulation are the constant focus. Accomplished musicians must read and sing the language of music quickly and accurately. Each chapter has a specific focus that will lead you to new levels of playing the trumpet.

Chapter 1 – “Bugle Song” explores the trumpet at the primary level of the bugle. Harmonic levels and tone production are combined in carefully graded sections to increase range and power. There is material relating to harmonic flexibility. Also included are exercises directed at developing security in the highest as well as lowest combinations creating a seven bugle format.

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Chapter 2 – “Trumpet – The Chromatic Bugle” explores the chromatic nature of the seven-bugle instrument and maintains the same physical approach found in Chapter 1. It expands the chromatic concept further than other methods. Pure chromatic scales in one, two and three octave formats are followed by studies of chromatic patterns. Also in this chapter you will find a section on whole tone scales, patterns and arpeggios.

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Chapter 3 – “Major Scales – The Alphabet of Music” starts with an original approach to learning and equalizing the fingering patterns of all the keys. The rest of this chapter explores full modal treatment in both a fluid legato and tongued context.

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Chapter 4 – “Flowing Scale Patterns” contains 24 scale patterns inspired by H.L. Clarke’s Technical Studies. However, all keys are expanded to complete modal expression, thereby greatly enhancing endurance and technique.

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Chapter 5 – “Arpeggio Power” is a complete study of major, dominant 7th and diminished 7th arpeggios utilizing the same musical and physical approaches found throughout this method.

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The goal of Trumpet and the Language of Music is to share knowledge about the ancient and honorable art of trumpeting. Ralph Schwartz has shared his love for practicing and performing by creating this method for you. It was his wish that you pass on your love of playing beautiful trumpet music. The highest levels of the art are kept alive by inspiring others to reach their true potential. Trumpet and the Language of Music was written for this purpose. Pass it on and watch it grow!

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Endorsement from Manny Laureano

Trumpet and the Language of Music by Ralph Schwartz is a tremendous work in size and scope. It is virtually encyclopedic in its included information. It is a systematic and organized progression of warm-ups and essential practice material that can be used in cafeteria-style. That is, the player can pick and choose from chapter to chapter to enhance the range, flexibility, and overall technique. Players will enjoy hopping about the book in an endless variety of ways to continue improving on the trumpet.

Manny Laureano, Principal Trumpet – Minnesota Orchestra


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