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Duet set 3-p1
Duet set 3-p1
Lauro, 16 Venezuelan Waltzes for Two Trumpets-p01
Broiles, 6 Duets for Two Bb Trumpets
Forestier, Six Lyrical Studies for Two Trumpets-p01
Burgstahler, Elton E, 37 Trumpet Duets-p01
Veldkamp, Six Waltzing Duets for Two Trumpet
Vanasek, New Arban Duets-p01
Forestier, 24 Progressive Conversational Duets for Trumpet-p01
Shuebruk, 20 Duets for Cornets-p01
Schaeffer, Trumpets Two-p01
78 Selected Duets (Beginner to Intermediate)-1
Garrouste, 12 Duos
Cori, Melody Duets for Two Trumpets 1
Melody Duets for Two Trumpets/Horns Vol.2
Simon, Olympian Collection of Cornet Duets with Piano-p01
Snyder, Gospel Duets for the Trumpet with Piano Accompaniment-p01
20 Original Duets for Trumpet
Veldkamp-Devienne, 12 Duets (for 2 trumpets)-p01
Gallay, 3 Grand Duos
Mazas, Maza's Interesting Duets and Manuscript Reading Studies
24 Duets from Arban, St-Jacome, Carnaud-p01

Trumpet Duet Set Three By Various Authors


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It’s not very often that we can offer a bundle for 75% off the retail price, and even less often that we can offer such an incredible deal for over 20 books at a time! Playing duets is probably the most efficient way to work simultaneously on musicianship and technique, while also being incredibly fun. This bundle covers a huge range of difficulty levels, making it perfect for teachers to use with their entire studio. This year, qPress is offering 4 incredible duet bundles at 75% off, don’t miss them all!

This bundle features some of our most popular duet books, including Erik Veldkamp’s “17 Venezuelan Waltzes” and Mel Broiles’ “Six Duets for 2 Bb Trumpets”, as well as some hidden gems. These 22 books have enough material to keep you going for an entire career, and this deal is the perfect way to stock up your library for the new year.

Click through the samples to the left, read through the write-ups provided below, and then click above for immediate PDF downloads of the entire bundle.

22 Books included in this bundle:

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