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Tongue Gymnastix By Henri Weber



Henri Weber's seminal work on Single and Double Tonguing is finally back in print! Made for the development of speed in single and double tonguing for the trumpet or cornet, this book has been the benchmark of basic articulation practice for nearly a century. I particularly love how it includes exercises with and without the trumpet, as this is a standard practice by the best players to this day. Read in the author's own words what made him write this book below, check out samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

“THESE Exercises, or Tongue-Gymnastics, were written after along experience in teaching and in playing brass and reed instruments, and have been compiled gradually during a very long period.

They are the result of experiment and observation when working with pupils who had not been able to advance in their studies under other teachers using practically the same method for everyone. Some have a freer use of the tongue than others, who therefore have to practice special exercises for the tongue, just as a gymnast practices special exercises for various other muscular efforts and, according to the line of endeavour they are striving to master.

Many professional musicians have come to me, complaining that when playing, their tonguing was slow and not clear and brilliant enough. After studying each individual case, I would layout a course of certain Gongue-Gymnastix, that seems best suited to aid in their particular type of “sluggishness.” The following compilation contains the most effective and varied of these different methods of practice, and it will be found, that after practicing these exercises, the ent?ire muscular control of the tongue will be freer, but, to get results, it is necessary that the instructions shall be followed faithfully.”

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