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Tone & Intonation Studies for Trumpet By David Gornston


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David Gornston gives a great writeup on the genesis for this book in the foreword so I will include it here in its entirety. Using melodic fragments to teach tone and intonation are vital, and David was a trailblazer in this regard:

Top teachers and professionals have for years been concerned about the lack of in­strumental material dealing with the study of tone. Many of them have addressed personal suggestions to me regarding the preparation of a book of exercises designed solely for the study of tone.

In my own teaching, I had created the devices employed in this volume. It will be noted, however, that because the matter of pitch is so closely tied up with tone production, the approach involves studies that are both Tone AND Intonation exercises. Each individual has a tendency to aim at those conceptions or ideals which are available within his own scope of thinking and doing. So, if an instrumentalist plays, for example, a fragment of a melody in a comfortable range and a favorable key, so that the performance reaches their ultimate, then it naturally follows that desirable further advance­ment will be achieved by attempting to reproduce this best performance (of his) in other registers of the instrument and in other keys. This general process is repeated for progressive improvements.

I personally had melodic fragments in the manuscript for my pupils so that for the purposes of tone and inton·ation they could be played in different keys chromatically, through the cycle, and following modulatory passages.

The ever-widening scope of my activities, very happily, has brought me in contact with some splendid musicians who are now assisting seriously in the development of an entirely new library of instrumental study literature. Harry Huffnagle has been of invaluable assistance in the preparation of this book, and I wish to acknowledge at this time both his friendship and musicianship.

The short text preceding each exercise should be read with care. The studies may be transposed upward or downward as desired.

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