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The World’s Method By Jean White


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The World’s Method for Cornet/Trumpet, finally available in PDF! This book was compiled by editor Jean White for Carl Fischer back in the late 19th century with a singular goal in mind: To create a textbook which, by fateful study and perseverance, would lead the pupil to the highest point of artistic excellence. To do this, they compiled sections from the greatest texts at that time and grouped them together into a useful and thoughtful progression. The editor explains what they had in mind in the original preface, which I will quote for you:

“In presenting this stupendous work, the compiler has sought to condense into one volume specialties of the methods of the eight most celebrated writers for the cornet, namely, Arban, Caussinus, Gatti, Guilbaut, Forestier, Clodomir, Koenig, and Saint-Jacome. To obviate the necessity of possessing each method, extracts have been extensively taken from them of such parts as are most essential, and characteristic of the genius of the authors, respectively, thereby supplying from each that which was felt wanting in the other.”

Here is what you will find in each volume:

Volume 1:  Rudiments, studies in phrasing and slurring, easy duets, scales, syncopation, dotted rhythms, compound time, and studies in keys up to two sharps and flats. Lots of Arban and Gatti influence here.

Volume 2: Studies and duets in each key up to four flats, with each key covered as an etude then a duet a la Gatti’s Grand Method. Chromatic and articulation studies, much more difficult in nature, many concert duets, full page characteristic style studies, finger studies, and a look at appoggiaturas and grace notes. More involved, a bit longer, and with more emphasis on style.

Volume 3: This volume starts with studies on trills and mordents, syncopated duets, phrasing studies, 12 studies in mechanism, 30 studies in preluding, velocity studies, fake fingerings, multiple tonguing, broken chords, transposition, and ending with concert duets. The hardest of the lot, but with the most interesting material as well.

These books are over 100 years old and hold a curated collection of the best wisdom they had at the time. The books have been preserved in the best possible quality considering the original source material and are easily read from the screen or when printed. These books hold up very well by today’s standards and are great for students and teachers alike.

Check out the samples from each volume to the left and grab your immediate digital download above.

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