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The Transparency for Trumpet and Percussion By Andrew Noseworthy



The Transparency (Andrew Noseworthy) was inspired by the thought that almost everything is never solid, or rather constant or certain. It’s definitely a general concept, but it can be applied to just about anything in life whether that be personalities, your living situation, any sort of physical material, or music itself. This idea is present in just about every aspect of the piece ranging from the timbre of the instruments to the harmonic or rhythmic material.

The percussion instruments chosen display an almost “wobbling” sound that is transfered between the vibraphone, gongs and kalimba. The trumpet’s melodic material feels like it is in one paticular key, yet constantly deviates and never completely settles. It sometimes plays melodies that never fully develop, or develops melodies that later shift and change. The rhythms display it’s transparent nature with the use of a 6/4 meter felt unevenly as 4+2, as well as its shifting meters and unexpected mid measure stops. The concept of “The Transparency” is not necessarily a negative thing but instead something that is inevitable.

-Andrew Noseworthy

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