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The Simons School (A Modern Treatise for the Slide Trombone) By Gardell Simons


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From the Preface:

“It is my intention in the following lessons to present to the Trombonist or any brass instrument player a systematic plan, a more complete analysis, whereby the pupil may acquire a inore thorough understanding of the subject.

In the past, a great majority of the successful brass players have, in some de­gree, been self-taught, there having been available so little literature of the explan­atory and progressive type such as has been enjoyed by the pianist, vocalist and string player. In spite of this handicap a great many, through their inborn talent and temperament, observation and appreciation, have become excellent performers and musicians.

It is quite possible for a large majority of conscientious students to become proficient and to play their instruments correctly, even though they do not possess a marked talent. With that idea in view, I am presenting this treatise for brass instru­ment players, especially Trombonists.

I have drawn liberally from the works of Concone, Marchesi and othersin the com­pilation of exercises and scales, these works, in my opinion, being the best written as well as the most progressive and most interesting.”

This is an amazingly thorough and thoughtful method. Check out a few sample pages of Simons’ analysis and exercises to the left, and then click above for an immediate PDF download.

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