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The Practicing Improviser By Carol Morgan


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NYC jazz trumpeter, Carol Morgan’s book, The Practicing Improviser, was originally written as a textbook for her online college jazz improvisation course. Carol follows her unique path as an artist in her writing. Mostly prose (with minimal musical notation), the text offers an integrated approach to a jazz student’s practice. Each chapter offers practice assignments according to one’s ability. It is designed for musicians on all instruments, at all levels, to suit her online classroom’s diverse roster.

Carol Morgan is a jazz trumpeter, composer, educator and author who resides in NYC. Originally from Texas, she is a Juilliard graduate who has worked with many remarkable teachers including Chris Gekker, Mark Gould, Ingrid Jensen, and Dennis Dotson. This deeply personal guided journey through the discovery of your own authentic musicality is based on the idea that growing as an improviser is a life-long pursuit. The life stories peppered throughout are insightful and illuminating, and highlight the challenges we all face on our path to creating truly timeless music.

To the left I have included the full TOC and some sample pages. Below you’ll find some endorsements, and above you can grab an immediate digital download.


The Practicing Improviser is highly regarded by educators and players alike:

“Carol’s book reminds me of Kenny Werner’s book (Effortless Mastery), but offers more concrete ways to practice to develop your voice as an improviser.”
~ Rick Lawn, retired Dean of the College of Performing Arts, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia

“I couldn’t put it down. The Practicing Improviser should be essential reading for anyone who loves, or loves to hate jazz. Five stars.”
Nadje Noordhuis, jazz trumpet artist, NYC

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