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The Piccolo Trumpet Folio By David Hickman


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Simply put, this is the first piccolo trumpet method ever written. Includes basic information needed to familiarize students with piccolo trumpets, and piccolo playing, and includes etudes, duets, and orchestral excerpts. David Hickman writes in his foreword:

“In recent years, the piccolo trumpet has come into its own as a solo instrument. This popularity is due partially to the increased supply of recordings utilizing the piccolo trumpet, and partially due to greater high register demands placed upon the modern professional trumpeter by many composers. In addition, several manufacturers now make piccolo trumpets that are capable of being played in tune and with a full, rich sound. Thus, it is not surprising that the piccolo trumpet has become an invaluable recital and orchestral instrument.

A generally high level of performance proficiency is required on the mezzo-soprano trumpets before advancing to the piccolo trumpet. Indeed, many professional players find that practicing the piccolo trumpet complements their mezzo sopranos and C trumpet performance. Physical endurance, breath support, intonation, technical facility, and high register accuracy are skills which may be improved by incorporating the piccolo trumpet into one’s practice schedule.”

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