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The Piccolo Trumpet Big Book By David Hickman


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In partnership with Tromba Publications, we are bringing you the most complete book available concerning piccolo trumpets. Includes information on the history, types and brands, mouthpieces, mutes, transpositions, tuning, Baroque ornamentation, solo repertoire, “tricks,” and interviews/advice from famous performers such as Herseth, Hardenberger, Mase, Tarr, Vizzutti, Schlueter, Groth, Green, Smith, and others.

If you are serious about digging into the smaller trumpets in the brass family, this book is an absolute MUST have.

To the left you can find a bunch of samples, and then you can click above for an immediate digital download.

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1 review for The Piccolo Trumpet Big Book

  1. Scott G

    Great collection of piccolo trumpet pieces. As a recreational player, this book is perfect for my needs and interests. Plus fantastic explanations of the history, fingerings, ornamentation, tuning, etc. Interesting read even without the music.

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