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The Path to Artistry By Timofei Dokshizer


Print & Digital Editions

This is a monumental work. The Path to Artistry is a posthumous release from Timofei Dokshizer, a 300 page work from one of the most important players of his generation, translated in English for the first time by Sergey Gordeev, and edited by Dr. Leonard Candelaria. Though completed in Russian during Dokshizer’s lifetime (edited by Vladimir Dokshizer) he expressed his wishes to have the book released worldwide in English. Dr. Candelaria promised he would make it so, and along with an incredible feat of translating over 300 pages by Sergey Gordeev, it is being released today, on what would have been Timofei’s 100th birthday.

Why this book is significant:

As one of the most important international soloists in the history of the trumpet, Timofei Dokshizer not only produced definitive recordings of the most popular solo repertoire, he also travelled the world bringing this incredible music to the broader public. His seal of approval cemented the Arutunian Concerto as a cornerstone of the literature, and his cadenza is the one still played and published in every edition. In this book, he focuses on how to find your own style while creatively interpreting beautiful modern music. He walks you through a performance oriented analysis of 26 pieces of trumpet music from Arutunian, to Bozza, Haydn, Hummel, Hindement, Peskin, Enescu and more, and personally included 107 recordings of the musical examples, all of which are included with your purchase.

This book is by far our most important release of the year. To enjoy a walkthrough of the most exciting trumpet literature by one of the most electrifying performers of all time, complete with audio files from Timofei himself is an astonishing treasure. Below you will see what is included, to the left you will find some samples, and above you can grab a digital or print edition.

What Is Included With Each Purchase Option

Digital Download Edition

  • The Path To Artistry PDF (US Letter Format)
  • The Path To Artistry PDF (Trade Paperback Format)
  • The Path to Artistry 107 MP3 Recordings

Print + Download Edition

  • Print Book Delivered (Trade Paperback, 302 pages)
  • The Path To Artistry PDF (US Letter Format)
  • The Path To Artistry PDF (Trade Paperback Format)
  • The Path to Artistry 107 MP3 Recordings

From the Foreword:

This fundamental work by the celebrated Russian trumpet player – performer, soloist and professor, Timofei Dokshizer – is the first in world literature to comprehensively study the subject of music interpretation for the trumpet. 

The purpose of this book is to help performing musicians develop creativity in their approach to music – and enhance their skills in determining the nature and character of music, their ability to phrase and dynamically color their sound, to fill music with substance, and to enhance their ability as performers to find techniques that, in each specific work, and will help bring written music alive with lifelike expressive sound. 

The book “A Path to Artistry” consists of two parts. In essence, it is a music textbook which could also be titled, “A trumpeter’s lab.” 

Part 1 contains the description of the main approaches and techniques in music interpretation.
Part 2 gives performance-oriented analysis of 26 frequently performed works in world trumpet repertoire. 

The book contains about 350 musical examples and is addressed to a wide audience of trumpet teachers, students, soloists and orchestra players. 

Works Analyzed (with Recordings Included)

  1. Arutunian. Concerto
  2. Haydn. Concerto in E-flat Major
  3. Hummel. Concerto in E-flat Major
  4. Enescu. Legend
  5. Hindemith. Sonata
  6. Gershwin. Rhapsody in Blue
  7. Bozza. Rustiques
  8. Peskin. Concerto #1
  9. Peskin. Poem #1
  10. Brandt. Concertino #1 in F Minor
  11. Brandt. Concertino #2 in E-flat Major
  12. Bohme. Concerto, op. 18
  13. Goedicke. Concerto, op. 41
  14. Goedicke. Concert Etude, op. 49
  15. Albinoni. Concerto in E-flat major
  16. Albinoni. Concerto in C Major
  17. Schelokov. Concerto #1
  18. Schelokov Etude #1
  19. Vasilenko. Concerto, op. 113
  20. Weinberg. Concerto, op. 94
  21. Pakhmutova. Concerto

Included: Dokshizer performs Hummel (Ex.28-29)

Included: Dokshizer performs Brandt Concertino (Ex.44)

Included: Dokshizer performs Arutunian (Ex.144)



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