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The Original Louis Maggio Instructor’s Manual By Carlton MacBeth


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Carlton MacBeth explains the genesis for this manual that was written to complement the Original Louis Maggio System in his foreword, I will quote it below.

“Since the death of my dear friend and teacher, Louis Maggio, I have continued to teach his remarkable system for brass. A number of Louie’s former students were able to finish their instruction with my assistance, and many new students sought my help in learning the Maggio concepts. I imparted Louie’s knowledge on a one-to-one basis for several years while, at the same time, pursuing my personal professional career as a studio trumpeter.

As my commitments became more strenuous and as the number of students increased, I realized the need for a method whereby the Maggio system could be taught on a group basis. For the past few years, through a series of seminars, I have been developing a class instruction method and as a result, it is now possible to teach groups of ten, twenty, and more instrumentalists at the same time. Also, as the Maggio system was designed with identical principles for all the various forms of brass instruments, classes can be of any mixture of instrumentation.

This method of group instruction eventually takes the form of a brass therapy class as each individual not only is able to analyze his own playing, but also each of his fellow students. This, in turn, accomplishes the primary purpose of effective instruction in the final analysis, i.e., to teach the student to teach himself and be able to carry on these fundamentals for the rest of his playing career.

This method can be a boon for the school teacher for now it is possible to build a set of basic principles for the entire brass section and develop a terminology with which to communicate readily to all brass players, regardless of their instrument (tuba to piccolo trumpet).”

Find the Complete Louis Maggio System here, explore the Instructor’s manual to the left in the samples, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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