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The Novelty Cornettist By Louis Panico


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Louis Panico’s “The Novelty Cornettist” is long sought after manual by one of the most popular trumpeters of the 1920s. Louis Panico became famous for his novel sounds and effects after his solo in the smash hit “Wabash Blues” with the Isham Jones orchestra. Musicians far and wide wrote to him to ask how he made his cornet seem to laugh, cry, talk, and neigh, that he set out to write this huge 80+ page book that outlines exactly how he did it. He even transcribed all of his solos from the great Brunswick albums with Isham Jones to give you examples to play from.

This new edition of this book from qPress is the ultimate in deep research. We are including transfers from the original 78s for every solo in the book so you can hear how Louis sounded while learning the tunes for yourself. These recordings are from the 1920s, and the majority were found in good enough shape to make exceptional transfers. Some sound rough, as you would expect with age, but we are going to keep finding new specimens to make a perfect collection and your purchase will be updated as they come in. The only missing tune is “Birdie” but should be completed shortly.

In the book you will find a full outline of how every sound is achieved, complete with pictures of mute hand positioning. The 26 solos that follow are fully annotated by Louis Panico and stand as a perfect guide to stage band lead playing of the 1920s. Below you will see the full track listing and an example recording. The numbers in front of the title represent the official Brunswick release number for reference.

This book is a true gem, and any student of the trumpet needs this in their collection. Samples to the left, immediate digital download above.

Farewell Blues

  1. 5065B Wabash Blues
  2. 5065 Ma!
  3. 2274B Don’t Bring Me Posies
  4. 2195B Virginia Blues
  5. 2242A In Bluebird Land
  6. 2242B By the Silvery Nile
  7. 2243B Those Longing for You Blues
  8. 2271B high brown blues
  9. 2286A Birdie (Coming Soon!)
  10. 2309B Im Just Wild About Harry
  11. 2301B My Honey’s lovin’ Arms
  12. 2301A Nobody Lied
  13. 2311B Dancing Fool
  14. 2343A The Fuzzy Fuzzy Bird
  15. 2358B Aunt Hager’s Children Blues
  16. 2374A Think of Me
  17. 2374B Play the Funny Blues
  18. 2400B Aggravatin’ Papa
  19. 2406B Farewell Blues
  20. 2412B That Red Head Gal
  21. 2423A Memphis Blues
  22. 2423B Frankie and Johnnie
  23. Oh! Harold
  24. Henpecked Blues
  25. All Wrong

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