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The Music Educator’s Basic Method for the Trumpet By Mark H. Hindsley



From the Author: This volume furnishes material for the rudimentary instruction of beginning cornet students. While there is sufficient text to answer normal questions and to solve the normal problems of the be­ginning student, it is assumed that students who use the book will have the guidance of a competent instruc­tor who can and will furnish the necessary incidental information and inspiration for the successful accomplishment of the work presented.

Before permitting a student to play the cornet, it is the duty of the instructor to see that the student has sufficient knowledge of music notation, such as is outlined in the following pages. The instructor should also explain in some detail the material pertaining to the construction and care of the instrument.

It will be the instructor's duty to supervise the proper formation and development of the embouchure, the action of the tongue, and the use of the breath, which are the three most important physical factors in effective cornet playing. Indeed, the success of the student will depend largely, if not entirely, on how thoroughly the instructor understands these factors himself and how successfully he presents them, in all their importance, to the student. In addition, the instructor should at all times make an effort to secure accuracy of pitch and intonation, of time and rhythm, of articulation and phrasing, and of all other factors attendant to a genuinely music al performance.

The material in this volume is presented progressively, starting with the production of single tones in a medium range, and continuing into more advanced stages of technic and range. It is of primary importance that the player produce a tone of satisfactory quality, uniform in pitch and volume, having a proper attack and release. When he is able to play a succession of tones in one breath, each tone should retain its own individuality, its own attack, body and release. This style should be thoroughly acquired before the slur or the articulated legato is introduced. Correct articulation in music is as important as it is in speech, and the student must learn to “articulate” plainly in both music and speech.

It is understood that this material is essentially elementary and is designed to furnish a foundation for more advanced playing. During its use it should be kept in mind that it is important only as it affects the player, that the student is more important than the material, and that it is of no consequence that it is played correctly as to sound if the student is not laying a foundation for future advancement. The material is only one part of a triumvirate which includes the student and the teacher, and we earnestly hope that it will do its share in introducing many cornet players to the realm of fine musical experience. – Mark Hindsley

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