The Jazz Articulation Big Book


As the jazz trumpet teacher at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, as well as a trumpeter in the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Erik Veldkamp has been refining his approach to jazz swing style and articulation for his entire career. In this monumental new book, Erik takes you through a history of jazz recordings and provides a survey on how swing music has been interpreted and executed by the biggest names in history.

This book begins with Erik’s thoughts on the biggest changes in jazz articulation, complete with samples from notable players (with 9 sample MP3 audio files included). Then he has composed a set of exercises that you can use to put each of these concepts into practice in your own playing. The book concludes with 24 complete note-for-note transcriptions from trumpeters like Armstrong, Eldridge, Navarro, Gillespie, Brown, Dorham, Baker, Morgan, Little, Davis, Mitchell, Hubbard, Farmer, Adderly, Terry, Harrell, Marsalis, Shaw, Payton, Hargrove, and Brönner.

To the left you will see a big set of samples to give you an idea of what you are in for. When you are ready to get serious about your interpretation of jazz style, click above for an immediate digital download so you can dig into this incredible method.

Sample 7 (Listening example from page 9 in the samples)

Sample 8 (Listening example from page 9 in the samples)

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