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The Cornetist’s Joy By Walter M. Smith


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The Cornetist’s Joy is a wonderful collection of solos for cornet or trumpet with piano accompaniment that was compiled and edited by Walter M. Smith, Edw. Llewellyn, and Walter Rogers.

These solos are in the classic cornet solo tradition. Including a ton of theme and variations, polkas, scherzos, and show pieces like Flight of the Bumblebee. If you run a studio, play recitals, or are an enthusiast of the trumpet or cornet, this 180+ page collection is a must have addition to your library.

To the left you will find the first page of the part and the score, give them a try then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Song List

  1. Brooks, The Message
  2. Danks, Silver Threads Among the Gold
  3. Davis, Aurora
  4. De Boeck, Allegro
  5. Fitzgerald, Rondo apriccio
  6. Gautier, Le Secret
  7. Goeyens, Introduction and Scherzo
  8. Hartmann, Arbucklenian Polka
  9. Hartmann, The Favourite
  10. Hartmann, Lizzie Polka
  11. Llewellyn, Premiere Polka
  12. Ranger, Carnival of Venice
  13. Rimsky Korsakov, Flight of the Bumblebee
  14. Rogers, The Volunteer
  15. Smith, The Valier
  16. Smith, Don Quixote
  17. Sordillio, The Francis Polka
  18. Steinhauser, Culver Polka
  19. Steinhauser, The Surf Polka
  20. Tong, Tower of Jewels

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