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The Complete Cornetist’s Folio By Various Authors


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This is an extremely rare, extremely important collection of 45 Cornet Solos from the golden age of the instrument. The subtitle of this collection says it all:

“The Cornetist’s Folio contains the principal solos of our greatest artists, arranged in the best style for cornet and piano. decidedly the most valuable collection ever published for these two instruments and offered at a price that places it within the reach of every cornet player.”

There was a time where a low-quality scan was floating around the internet, but it only included the piano part. Finally, with the help of our dear friend Vincent DiMartino, we were able to get hands-on with this tremendous resource, making a high-quality digital scan that we restored to the best possible condition considering the source material.

There have been so many monumental releases at qPress that it can seem like hyperbole when I talk these up, but in all honestly, it is rare finds like that this that are the very best days of running a publishing company.

Every single solo is itemized below so you know what you are getting in this 300-page collection. To the left, you see some samples of representative quality. Check them out then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Complete Solo List

  1. Levy: The Salute Polka
  2. Arban: Variations sur la tyrolienne, arr. Harry Prendiville
  3. Hartmann: The Favorite
  4. Zanichelli: Terpsichore Polka
  5. Bosissio: Germania
  6. Levy: Fra poco (based on Lucia di Lammermoor by Donizetti)
  7. Levy: Andante in E major
  8. Riggs: Annie Laurie
  9. Liberati: Canzona napolitana
  10. Halévy: Romance: Call Me Thine Own, from L’éclair, arr. Jules Levy
  11. Levy: Robert, toi que j’aime (based on Robert le diable by Meyerbeer)
  12. Hartmann: De Bériot’s Seventh air, arr. Prendiville
  13. Hartmann: Weber’s Last Waltz, arr. Prendiville
  14. Arban: Caprice et variations
  15. Cox: Auld Lang Syne
  16. Millars: Le rêve d’amour
  17. Cox: Robin Adair
  18. Arban: Fantaisie sur ‘La muette de Portici’
  19. Levy: Carnival of Venice
  20. Woodman: Morceau de concert
  21. Cox: Remembrance of Venice
  22. Marie: Péronnelle
  23. Hermann: Minerva Polka
  24. Bellini: Romance, from Il pirata, arr. W.H. Hawkes
  25. Cox: Flee as a Bird
  26. Lagny: Remembrance
  27. Owen: Serenade in A-flat major
  28. Cox: Bohemian Girl
  29. Bray: Columbianus
  30. Forestier: Dulcinea
  31. Lutz: Longing
  32. Coquelin: Bagatelle in D major
  33. Mayseder: Air varié, arr. John Hartmann
  34. Anonymous: La valliance, arr. J.G. Willis
  35. Spence: La perle du mer
  36. Bousquet: Le trompette des cent gardes
  37. Meyer: Étude de concert
  38. Wallace: The Winds that Waft My Sighs to Thee, arr. Prendiville
  39. Levy: Ave Maria in G major
  40. Cox: Killarney
  41. Legendre: Souvenir de Poitou
  42. Terschak: Raphaela, arr. J.S. Cox
  43. Rathbun: Friendship Polka
  44. Waldteufel: Lune de miel, arr. Fred N. Innes
  45. Levy: The Adieu

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