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The Beginning and the End By Clifford Brown


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The Beginning and the End is an extremely interesting recording by Clifford Brown. It was put together long after his death, and acts as a time capsule of his first and his last live recorded performances as a professional trumpeter. For a player of his calibre and unbelieveable legacy, it is really amazing to have this recording available to us. The original recording contained material from 1952 with Chris Powell and His Blue Flames, plus a club gig with Billy Root and Ziggy Vines in Philadelphia recorded on either 31 May 1955 (from Nick Catalano’s biography) or 25 June 1956 (from the liner notes).

In this volume of our series of note for note Clifford Brown transcriptions, Erik Veldkamp takes you through every note he played on this album, complete with chord changes, all beautiful engraved to make the most complete transcription ever completed. When you get to Night in Tunisia and see 9 pages of intricately transcribed, transcendent improvisation, you are going to be truly blown away.

Check out some samples to the left, then grab yourself an immediate PDF download.

1. I Come From Jamaica
2. Ida Red
3. Walkin’
4. A Night in Tunisia
5. Donna Lee

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