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The Bebop Style By Van Alexander


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Van Alexander’s “The Bebop Style” is a book unlike any other. It was endorsed by Pete Rugolo, Miles Davis, Babs Gonzales, and Tadd Dameron. It features solos by Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Lucky Thompson, Charlie Parker, al Haig, and Dodo Marmarosa.

This is a completely new kind of method with studies and solos extrapolated from classic recordings and demonstrated for trumpet, piano, saxes, and clarinet. He breaks down harmonic alterations, and bebop chord charts then dives into how to make easy improvisations before you go fully into bebop improvising after chapter 4.

He explains in his foreword:

Bebop may be analyzed by these steps:

1. The melodic framework (tune) helps determine the character, mood, and tempo.
2. The harmonic sequences, gives the key to the improvisation.
3. The rhythmic pattern of the original theme sets the new structure. While bebop is basically four, it is usually an implied beat and is usually sparked with counter rhythms by the piano and bass. It is also colored by sporadic beats and chords.
4. The instrumentation of the performers, determines the color.

There is a ton to learn from in here. You are going to absolutely love it.

Samples to the left, with the table of contents there too. Dig in, then click above for an immediate digital download.

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