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The Art of Solo Playing for Trumpet By William Vacchiano


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In partnership with Tromba Publications, qPress is bringing you a long lost collection of studies by William Vacciano. This book takes readers through Bill’s experience listening to cornet soloists of his youth while writing wonderful new studies to help you emulate their style. You can also grab this book as part of our Complete Vacchiano Collection for half price today.

Bill writes that “the style of Herbert L. Clarke, Del Staigers, and other great cornet players has disappeared from the modem concept of solo playing. With the advent of the piccolo trumpet and the popularity of the Baroque solos, the style of the 1800’s is practically lost. I remember the cornet solos I heard when Sousa came to my hometown of Portland, Maine. It was an art that is quite forgotten today. In this volume, I have tried to recollect the idiom of that old cornet style. Although I was a symphonic player for thirty-eight years, I was fortunate enough to have studied with some of these old masters.

The cadenza style throughout this volume is meant to be played with the utmost freedom. Herbert Clarke told me how to practice; First, very slowly, listening for intonation and clarity, then gradually increasing the tempo. Note that there is value in transposing these etudes such as playing #54 in Bb Major as well as B Major.”

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