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The Art of Playing Lead Trumpet
The Art of Playing Lead Trumpet
The Art of Playing Lead Trumpet
The Art of Playing Lead Trumpet
The Art of Playing Lead Trumpet
The Art of Playing Lead Trumpet

The Art of Playing Lead Trumpet By Glenn Stuart


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Glenn Stuart was the lead trumpeter for Stan Kenton, Don Ellis, and many other famous bandleaders while performing worldwide on the Ed Sullivan Show and many other television shows and motion pictures.

This book is a series of exercises in his beautiful autograph that he used to build and maintain his incredible lead trumpet range. In the opening pages, he outlines what it takes to be a lead player, and what your mental approach should be. He would be asked these questions at all of his clinics and appearances, so he collected his answers to the most common questions:

  1. How do I play high?
  2. How do I play for longer?
  3. Is it mental or physical training that is required?
  4. What will give me power with my range?
  5. Does your equipment matter?
  6. Can my physique limit my range on the instrument?

At the end of the book you even get some transcriptions of his solos from famous recordings like his solo “Child of Ecstacy” and “Old Man’s Tear” by Don Ellis, and “A Trumpet” and “Summer of 42” by Maynard Ferguson.

Glenn outlines a series of other books that shared his approach to high register playing. Namely, books that are focused on the movement of the air stream, leading to an understanding of the art of lead trumpet playing in jazz orchestras, with, MOST IMPORTANTLY, a combination of musicality and basic common sense.

From day one we are making the option available to get Glenn’s book, along with all of his recommended supplemental material at 50% off the retail price. Click the “Options” drop-down above to choose the book only, or the 6-book half-price bundle.

The 6-Book Half-Price Bundle Includes:

  1. Stuart, The Art of Playing Lead Trumpet
  2. Broiles, The Art of Trumpet Playing
  3. Colin, The Brass Player
  4. Colin, Advanced Lip Flexibilities
  5. Davidson, Trumpet Techniques
  6. Spaulding, Double High C in 37 Weeks

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