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Technical Studies for the Trombone By Robert Muller


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Robert Müller’s “Technical Studies for the Trombone” is a three book collection of exercises, etudes, and short contest pieces for the trombone, as written by one of the most prolific trombone writers of the last century.

Book One takes you through exercises in tonguing, legato, chords, arpeggios, major and minor scales, chromatics, and chord studies in diminished 7th, 7th, major, and minor keys.

Book Two progresses to more advanced studies, major and minor exercises, legato figures, light tonguing, triplets, velocity, thirds, syncopation, ocataves, cadenzas, preludes, trills, and chorales.

Book Three includes 22 technical exercises in the style of etudes, 30 studies in various clefs and keys, and 6 studies by Victor Cornette.

This collection is not to be missed and should be in every serious player’s collection. This digital edition saves you from lugging around a pile of books and keeps the best etudes in the world at your fingertips. Check out the samples to the left then grab an immediate PDF download above. You get all three books at a discount of 25%.

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