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Technical Studies for the Advanced Trumpeter By Arthur Motycka


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Arthur Motycka’s fantastic “Technical Studies for the Advanced Trumpeter” has been long out of print, but it is time to pick it from obscurity and shine a light on one of the gems of the trumpet repertoire.

I could go on and on about how wonderful this book is, but I would much rather quote one of the greats, Doc Severinsen, as he writes in the forward:

This advanced trumpet studies book is filled with supplemental materials for each task in the daily practice period. There are post warm ups, exercises for fingering and range problems, articulation studies, and etudes so necessary in developing the skills of today’s modern trumpet player. The gradation of materials found is appropriate for the advanced high school trumpet player as well as the university or professional trumpeter. –Doc Serverinsen

The entire preface is available in the samples to the left. Take a look then click above to grab an immediate PDF download, a print edition, or both.

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