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Tchaikovsky’s Six Pieces Op.51 By Taz Eddy


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The idea for these pieces came from Nikolai Bernard, editor of the Saint Petersburg journal Nuvellist. In January 1882, Bernard sent a letter to Tchaikovsky asking him to write for Nuvellist, “at the subscribers’ request”, six pieces for piano; if the composer was agreeable, four of them should have the titles Nocturne, Dreams, Salon Waltz and Russian Dance. Of the titles suggested by Nikolai Bernard, Tchaikovsky retained only one, Valse de Salon, which was published as the first number. Each of the pieces from Op. 51 is dedicated to a different person: Valse de salon (No. 1) to Mariia Kondrat’eva; Polka peu dansante (No. 2) to Anna Davydova; Menuetto scherzoso (No. 3) to Anna Merkling; Natha-valse (No 4) to Natal’ia Plesskaia; Romance (No. 5) to Vera Rimskaia-Korsakova; Valse sentimentale (No. 6) to Emma Genton.

Taz Eddy’s arrangement, which bring this entire opus to the trumpet for the first time, provides a very interesting programming option for recitals and public appearances. It balances virtuosity and elegance very well while taking the performer into a new style of performing.

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