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System of Composite Exercises for Trumpet By Timofei Dokshizer


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I am thrilled to have one of my all time heros Timofei Dokshizer’s books launching at qPress. In partnership with his granddaughter (who was the translator of this particular book) qPress will be releasing a collection of books by Mr. Dokshizer this year, some of which will be translated into English for the first time. The book you are looking at is his “System of Composite Exercises for the Trumpet.” It has been used in Europe and Russia in particular for a very long time, but has not been in print in North America until now.

The idea of this method book is fundamental for the sustained improvement of all players: You must be able to structure a proper practice routine if you wish to grow as a player. It is as simple as that. Timofei lays out his system for creating “composite exercises,” meaning a collection of exercises that cover all areas of playing in the least amount of time, to keep players focused on doing only what NEEDS to be done. From the foreword:

“The art of performing is strictly individual, and is tied to the naturally given capabilities of a trumpeter and the specific state of the playing apparatus, most importantly, the lip muscles. When taking in consideration these two factors – natural given capabilities and specific condition – each performer, with a goal of reaching the best results in his work, needs to be able to determine daily for himself his strategic work load, the length of his practice session at home, and the particular material for the practice session. Modern practice proves that these tasks need to be determined as a composite, meaning developing several playing techniques at the same time, without wasting extra time and effort to do so, which is especially important for the long term professionalism of the player.” Timofei Dokshizer

This book is a wealth of material. It has over 100 pages of exercises and detailed instructions which are laid out into three main sections: Systems for the beginning player, systems of medium difficulty, and systems of advanced difficulty. Students are encouraged to find the perfect balance of exercises from one (or multiple) systems to achieve the desired level of strength for the workload at hand.

To the left you will find examples of Warm Ups, Vocalises, and Sequences from all three levels, please give them a try. Then grab a digital or print edition above.

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