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Sure System of Improvisation By Samuel J. Daley


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Samuel T. Daley’s Sure System of Improvising is an extremely rare pedagogical volume on the art of jazz improvisation. We were able to get our hands on one of the last copies in a public institution to keep this incredible book alive for future generations.

Daley expresses the pedagogue’s dislike for an artform that, after all, is imagined to bypass the need for a teacher. He writes: ”Improvising is an art that has been credited with being born in a person and therefore, impossible, to a certain extent to teach. In this book I try to convey the idea of Improvising in a systematical manner:’ He continues to tussle with this contrast between “system” and “inspiration”: “Originality in improvising is an attribute that is much in demand. Copying is not harmful, but Improvising really is to play a break or a hot chorus that no one else has played. It takes a little more time and work than copying, but it is much better in the end. The idea is to have someone else copy from you, and not you copying from someone else.”

This book takes you through all areas of improvisation in a really thoughtful manner, leading you all the way to Hot Choruses, Dirty Chorusus, Time Combinations, Waltz Obligatos, Orchestration in Harmony, and so much more.

I am thrilled to have this in the collection, and I think you are going to love going through this book for the first time. As always, samples to the left, and an immediate digital download above.

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