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Superchops By Jerome Callet


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“Superchops” is THE virtuoso embouchure method for all trumpet and brass players. Finally back in circulation in coorindation with the Callet estate, this unparalleled system of trumpet playing has simply never been matched. Read what Jerome says about its genesis:

I am convinced that any player, no matter how weak he may be now, can develop into a powerhouse. I proved it myself and have taught thousands of others. The strong, the average, and the weak develop embouchures far beyond their wildest dreams.

For thirty years, I believed what the teachers of the day taught, and for thirty years, they and I were wrong!

My research into embouchure development naturally evolved into re­asearch in mouthpiece design and finally trumpet design. Now, all I have learned about playing the trumpet is condensed into this small book, explaining it step-by-step.

I dedicate this book and video to all my fellow trumpeters who have struggled to develop a good set of chops. In SUPERCHOPS you have the key to playing better, stronger and longer with absolute confidence. 

To the left you will find some samples, but you really need to get the whole book to read Callet’s words and learn his system for a big, stronger, and more secure upper register with endurance to match. Grab an immediate download above.

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