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Super Power Embouchure By A.A. "Sandy" Adam


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Super Power Embouchure by A.A. “Sandy” Adam was originally a small playbill sized exercise book. It has been enlarged to fit on standard letter-sized paper in this edition for easy use with all printers and tablets.

This book is a supplemental exercise book that will dramatically improve your present embouchure no matter how weak or strong it is at present, in just 21 days. You can relieve the anxiety of vacations, missed days and sick days that cause you to miss practice. This is an organized course that only takes you minutes a day. It will enhance your present routines instead of interfering with them, giving you increased range, power, endurance, versatility and control. In 21 days you will see proven results.

This book of physical exercises can be done away from the trumpet, in your car, on transit, walking, working, absolutely anywhere. Give them a try and see how you can improve your playing by increasing your physical strength even when you are not practicing.

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