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Super Lung & Breath Control By A.A. "Sandy" Adam


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“Super Lung Power & Breath Control in 5 Minutes a Day” by A.A. Sandy Adam is a 21 day program that aims to increase your breath, develop power, endurance, control and dynamic range necessary for todays performance. You are always told that you must develop breath control, yet what exercises do they prescribe for this development? In this book you are given breathing exercises as well as the physical training needed to be able to develop your lungs and all the necessary muscles in a more advanced way than ordinary playing of the instrument will develop them.

A great lip is only part of the answer to high range development, the rest is breath control. Check out some samples of this book to the left, then click above to get your copy so you can start the 21 day breathing challenge. Select from an immediate PDF download, a physical copy, or both.

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