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State of the Art (Bass Clef) By Olegario Diaz


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State of the Art refers to the highest level of development in a field. The collection of exercises and phrases contained in this book breaks the boundaries on Intervallic Improvisation, creating a State of the Art in modern jazz music for the trombone.

Intervallic Improvisation is characterized by the construction of melodic phrases based upon any kind of intervals and not on a given scale. These intervals are commonly played in a stepwise motion in contraposition with the linear phrasing that was established and has its basis in Bebop language.

This book is a summary of both exercises and improvisation exercises designed to enhance Intervallic Improvisation. The book covers scales, arpeggios, chromatic exercises, and jazz line phrases from transcribed solos. These exercises should be transposed to all twelve (12) keys in order to achieve perfect coordination.

Also included are major, minor, and dominant chords, extended to their highest level, scale-wise, arpeggios, and chromatic passages. There are no key signatures used, only accidentals to keep your reading sharp and your fingers ready.

Check out samples to the left, and a list of transcribed solos below.

Song List

  1. Countdown
  2. Goldboro Express
  3. Moment’s Notice
  4. Oleo
  5. Lazy Bird
  6. Giant Steps
  7. Bye Bye Blackbird
  8. Satellite
  9. My Shining Hour
  10. On a Misty Night
  11. No Better You

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