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Staccato Standards Book 1 (Tuba) By Erik Veldkamp


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To keep our minds actively engaged during practice, we need to be musically challenged. That is why Erik Veldkamp took up the mantle of creating studies that work on very specific issues for brass players, while simultaneously offering a unique stylistic challenge.

“Staccato Standards” is a two-book series that takes you through 60 jazz standards, all arranged as articulation exercises that are guaranteed to challenge players at all levels. Erik writes in his foreword:

“With the practice of staccato or single tongue exercises you combine several basic techniques like airflow, tonguing, coordination of the tongue with the fingers, flexibility, sound, and endurance. So, with these studies, I wanted to add another skill to each etude: learning the chord progressions of jazz standards, so you learn to make good transitions from one chord to another.

You will notice by practicing these studies that your jazz phrasing will also improve because you get more speed, better range, good coordination of the fingers/tongue, and better endurance. Of course, you can (and should!) play all exercises as legato (airflow) studies too. Switching between legato and staccato can be the easiest way to reinforce the feeling of a connected airstream even when playing in an articulated style.”

The thirty jazz standards articulation studies in this book will make an incredible addition to your library. Whether they are for personal use, or for assignment to your studio, you will be amazed at how musical challenges, when applied to technical study, inspire increased focus on the fundamentals of brass playing.

Click to the left for samples, and listen to demo tracks below (played by Erik on trumpet). Then grab an immediate PDF download above.


Listen to Erik Perform “Autumn Leaves”

Listen to Erik Perform “A Child is Born”

Listen to Erik Perform “Line for Lyons”


Song List

  1. Polkadots & Moonbeams
  2. Autumn Leaves
  3. My Romance
  4. Come Sunday
  5. The Preacher
  6. Here’s That Rainy Day
  7. Stella By Starlight
  8. All Of Me
  9. Everything Happens To Me
  10. I Thought About You
  11. Daahoud
  12. Confirmation
  13. In Your Own Sweet Way
  14. A Child Is Born
  15. I Got Rhythm
  16. Just Friends
  17. Line For Lyons
  18. Take The A-Train
  19. Sweet Georgia Brown
  20. All The Things You Are
  21. Someday My Prince Will Come
  22. I’m Old Fashioned
  23. Blues For Alice
  24. Pennies From Heaven
  25. Up Jumped Spring
  26. Joy Spring
  27. Donna Lee
  28. After You’ve Gone
  29. Giant Steps
  30. Four Brothers

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