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Sonic Boom (Complete Album Transcription) By Lee Morgan


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The product before you is part of qPress’ Complete Album Transcription series, now including the albums of Lee Morgan, as transcribed by Stuart McLean-Fowler. These note-for-note transcriptions complete with chord changes help you to get inside the head of the best trumpeters in our history, and let you play along with some of the finest recordings of all time.

Sonic Boom was not released until 1979 and then remained in print only for a brief time before eventually being reissued years later. In addition to the great trumpeter Lee Morgan and a fine rhythm section (pianist Cedar Walton, bassist Ron Carter, and drummer Billy Higgins), the well-rounded set is a bit special for it allows the often R&B-associated tenor David “Fathead” Newman an opportunity to stretch out in a more challenging setting than usual. Highlights include the funky “Fathead,” the complex “Sneaky Pete,” Morgan’s lyricism on “I’ll Never Be the Same,” and the infectious rhythms on “Mumbo Jumbo.” This is an undeservedly obscure session.

The track list is below, samples to the left, and a bit of listening is here as well. Then click above for an immediate PDF download.

  1. Sneaky Pete
  2. The Mercenary
  3. Sonic Boom
  4. Fathead
  5. I’ll Never Be the Same
  6. Mumbo Jumbo

Sneaky Pete Audio Excerpt

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