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Sonata for Trumpet & Piano By Leo Sowerby



In 1944 the National Association of Schools of Music appointed a special committee to study the type and quality of the music being used in its member school sofr students majoring in wind instruments. The committee found, especially in the instances of horn, trumpet, and trombone, that student programs contained numbers unable to bear comparison with the quality of literature used by pianists, organists, and players of various stringed instruments. One reasons for this condition in the special instances cited was the lack of a sufficient quantity of good music written for the instruments concerned.

To help overcome the lack of music of satisfactory type and quality for the brasses, the association voted to commission 5 american composers to each write a Sonata, and Leo Sowerby’s Sonata for Trumpet was one of them. This work is a wonderful illustration of what is possible on the instrument, from lyrical beauty to technical virtuosity, and has been a staple of the repertoire since it was published. It has recently gone out of circulation, but is back here for your enjoyment and future study.

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