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Solos of the Immortals for Trumpet By Charles Colin


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In the spirit of Jean-Baptiste Arban and Herbert L. Clarke, this unique collection of 11 solos by legendary cornet soloists Alessandro Liberti, John Hartmann, John Hazel and Jules Levy offers more wonderful and tuneful and virtuosic repertoire. Compiled and edited by Charles Colin and Revised by Bob Nelson, these 1-2 page solos are useful for intermediate to advanced players as well as professionals looking for performance repertoire.

Note: this book includes the trumpet parts only and is price accordingly. This book contains:

  1. LIBERATI: Battle Cry of Freedom
  2. LIBERATI: Il Caporale de Settimana
  3. LIBERATI: Future Inspirazioni
  4. LIBERATI: Canzone Napolitane
  5. LIBERATI: La Mia Speranza
  6. LIBERATI: Souvenie di la Suisse
  7. LEVY: Rode’s Air
  8. LEVY: Grand Russian Fantasy
  9. LEVY: Levy-athen Polka
  10. HARTMANN: DeBeriot’s Seventh Air
  11. HARTMANN: Facilita
  12. LUSCOMB: Killarney
  13. LUSCOMB: Beatrice Polka
  14. HAZEL: Annie Laurie
  15. HAZEL: The Specialty
  16. HAZEL: Blue Bells of Scotland

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